– Who are we –

PURE EFFECTS is a small company based in Switzerland but operating globally. We are specialists in trading for over 20 years, and we are also experts in photography and printing products.

– What we do –

PURE EFFECTS is active in many different branches such as, Bitumen, recycling, trading, photography, videos and soon we will expand to travel and research.


With more than 20 years of experience, we are selling Bitumen mainly in Switzerland and Germany and producing polymermodified Bitumen in Landau (southern Germany). For specific questions, please contact us.


PURE EFFECTS offers solutions for asphalt recycling.

Fine Art Reproduction

Creating stunning Fine Art Reproduction is one of our passions.


In our photography department, we work in a variety of areas. We specialize in company portraits, personal portraits, product photography, reproduction photography, aerial photography and macro photography.

We are also creating and publishing images, reprophotography and books with our other company, swissedition.ch.


PURE EFFECTS carries out numerous trading activities based on customers‘ needs in different branches. We have connections all over the globe and find best products and prices for your ideas.



This is the newest branch of our company. With latest equipment and technology we film company portfolios and interviews.

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